Bakers Martens is now baking with enhanced Precision with Dosetec help

Bakers Martens AS, the leading bakery in the Bergen region of Norway, has modernized the dosing silos of its bakery along with related dosing system with Dosetec equipment.

The 3,500 m2 production facility with its six production lines producing baked goods from bread to pastry had suffered from a production capacity shortage prior to investment in a new Dosetec dosing system.

Kjell Taranger, Production Manager of Bakers Martens bakery, says the bakery had some major difficulties with insufficient capacity along with other problems with the production facility, which encouraged the bakery to make the investment in new dosing system components. The new Dosetec dosing system measures and allocates baking flour, water, liquid fat and syrup according to right proportion for baking.

According to Taranger, the implementation of the new dosing system has gone smoothly without problems, hindrances or interruptions in production. The system has been remarkably reliable and it has signifi cantly increased the overall production capacity, productivity and profi tability of Bakers Martens bakery, while at the same time decreasing material waste and human errors occurring with the old system. Production quality and working conditions in the production facilities have also enhanced signifi cantly, Taranger points out.

The main objective in the investment of a new dosing system for Bakers Martens was to find a vendor that could deliver a functional entity that would solve the mentioned problems while providing clear benefi ts in return for the investment. Dosetec provided a solution for all these demands. The system proved out to be very easy to use, which of course pleased the Martens staff in charge of using the system. Bakers Martens´ satisfaction over their system supplier Dosetec was further increased by the service provided by Dosetec during the different stages of the project. Production Manager Kjell Taranger of Bakers Martens actually sums up the strength of the Dosetec dosing system in a simple but perfect fashion: “The system provided by Dosetec functions extremely well!”

Bakers Martens As in short

Bakers Martens bakery was founded by Detlef Martens in Bergen, Norway in 1753. In the current bakery facilities spanning 3,500 m2 Bakers Martens produces a variety of baked goods for the Bergen region, including various types of bread, rolls and pastry. Bakers Martens has been a part of Bakers Group, a subsidiary company of Orkla, since 1987.