Leibur invests in productivity

Leading Estonian bread manufacturer AS Leibur Ltd renewed its wheat flour dosing system and doubled its production capacity earlier this year.

Leibur is famous for its traditional Estonian bread as well as many innovative bakery products. It produces over 20 million kilos of bread and pastries yearly. This requires up-to-date production facilities and reliable automation.
On its website the bakery describes itself as having large company strength with a small bakery soul. Its honourable history stretches as far back as 1762. This coming year Leibur celebrates its 250th anniversary.

Getting rid of bottlenecks

Today Leibur controls a third of Estonia´s bread market. According to Production Director Agu Mats the biggest challenge in a bakery of this size is changes in the product portfolio. At Leibur, the increasing production volume was slowed down by a bottleneck at the flour silos of the wheat line. The renewal of the flour dosing line turned out to be needed, and the company decided to ask Dosetec to do it.
– Before, there could be up to three production lines waiting for the only flour dosing line. It slowed down the whole production significantly, Mats explains.

A reliable and familiar partner

Dosetec has been a familiar partner to Leibur for a long time. In 2000 the bakery renewed its soviet-era weighing and dosing equipment with the help of Dosetec.
– In addition to production efficiency, industrial hygiene and air quality were improved considerably. Nowadays the flour is dosed by pressure conveying into a hopper scale, and dust filters prevent flour dust from spreading around the facilities. The operations are highly automated and the system operates according to the recipe fed into it, Mats explains.
The renewal of the flour dosing line earlier this year was the natural continuation of the previous collaboration.
– Dosetec is a reliable partner that has also made similar deliveries to our parent company, Vaasan Group. It felt natural to turn to Dosetec this time also. They delivered the earlier equipment to us as well and we have been very pleased with it.