Raisio receives accurate dosage from Dosetec

Raisio, a major Finnish food product manufacturer, has improved its margarine production with a new dosing system from Dosetec Exact.

The delivered dosing system applies Siemens S7 PLC and includes FIBC (Big Bag) unloading stations, small-component stations and three scale-equipped receiving stations that are connected to WinnCC PCS7 automation system. The new dosing system allows significantly more accurate dosing and mixing of components while minimizing any human errors in the dosing process, which in turn results in more standardized quality of production.
The Dosetec dosing system also records the used materials automatically into the materials log.

According to Raisio’s Process Manager Jukka Leppänen, the new secure dosing system has further enhanced the production environment at Raisio’s margarine production facility through reduction of airborne raw material dust. The decrease of dust in the air has enhanced the hygiene of the pre-mix facilities and has also contributed to more pleasant working conditions in the production facilities, Leppänen comments.

When selecting a systems provider for this project Raisio decided to go with Dosetec Exact in large part due to Dosetec’s well-known high quality products and the company’s remarkable service during and after each project, Leppänen says. Raisio has especially appreciated the service Dosetec has provided at different stages of the project with its after-sales maintenance program and swift on-line problem solving system. According to Jukka Leppänen the implementation of Dosetec Exact dosing system has enhanced the production quality, productivity and profi tability of Raisio’s margarine unit, while reducing material waste and mistakes.

Raisio Oyj in short

Raisio is a Finnish food industry pioneer and a specialist in organic nutrition. The company develops, manufactures and markets food products and also their health-contributing components, along with diagnostics systems for food production, feeds and malts. Raisio manufactures food products in Finland, Poland and Russia for consumers, industrial kitchens, bakeries, and other food production industry.