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Dosetec Exact offers high-quality dosing and weighing systems for various industries. We design dosing systems and equipment according to the individual customer’s needs and operating conditions. We install the equipment and test them. Our comprehensive service also includes user training and equipment maintenance.

Our service includes

scale calibration

We offer scale calibration services either on demand or regular checkups according to a contract signed with the customer. The calibration is done with approved calibration weights. We make and keep a calibration record so the customer can make use of the data in their own quality management systems and inner processes.


We offer a comprehensive installation service in customer’s production facilities. The service includes: mechanical and electric installation, calibration, proofing and test drive, equipment documentation and user training.

spare parts

Remote service
Technical support
Required changes
Spare part

We will continue to focus on high quality and customer service, manifested by expertly managed projects,
swift customer service and reliable maintenance services.