Dosetec invoicing information for suppliers

We use an electronic purchasing and invoicing system.

We use an electronic processing system for purchase invoice processing and reception of e-invoices to enhance the processing of invoices. We process our purchase invoices with the Heeros Systems Oy software. Our receiving operator for electronic invoices is Liaison Technologies Oy.

We hope that we will continue receiving e-invoices from you.

Technical specifications for online invoicing

Information on our company
Name: Dosetec Exact Oy
Business ID (VAT): FI02056964
Delivery report
Electronic invoice address: 003702056964
Intermediary ID: 003708599126
Intermediary: Liaison Technologies

For invoice routing use the above e-invoice address and the intermediary ID. If you are sending e-invoices via TietoEnator, an identification “AN” is necessary for routing and should be added to the front of the e-invoice address. Consequently, the resulting e-invoice address is “AN003702056964”.

If you send invoices via Nordea, the receiving intermediary ID, instead of the Liaison ID, would be our bank’s BIC code (OKOYFIHH).

Please continue to send your paper invoices to this address::

Dosetec Exact Oy
c/o Rantalainen Oy
PL 159
15101 LAHTI