Dosetec invoicing information for suppliers

Technical specifications for online invoicing

We use an electronic processing system for purchase invoice processing and reception of e-invoices to enhance the processing of invoices.

Information on our company
Name: Dosetec Exact Oy
Business ID (VAT): 0205696-4


e-mail invoices to following address: tieto_pl2001( at )

  • NB! There is underline _ in the address, not a space.
  • There can be only one attached invoice per e-mail, if there are multiple attachments/invoices in one e-mail, only the first attachment will be processed, rest of the attachments will be ignored.


Address for paper invoices:

Dosetec Exact Oy

PL 2001


In order to allocate your invoice correctly by our scanning service, this invoicing address has to be mentoined in the invoice.



Other documents, such as briefings, marketing material etc. will be delivered to our company´s address.

Dosetec Exact Oy

Vaakatie 37

15560 Nastola