Dosetec Exact

Dosetec Exact Oy develops, markets and manufactures Dosetec dosing systems, weighing and other dosing equipment for bakeries and food processing industry with over 50 years of experience.
Our customers operate in the food, building materials, chemicals, plastics and steel industries, but our products and systems are adaptable to the needs of other industries as well. Our main markets consist of Finland, the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic countries. Exports account for over 40% of our turnover.

Truly customer driven service

Dosetec Exact production is based on customer satisfaction. The dosing systems are planned and manufactured according to customer needs and tailored to each individual circumstance. The systems are installed ready to use and tested with care and precision before handing them over for the customer to begin operation. Customer satisfaction and proper functioning is ensured by user training and maintenance service provided by Dosetec, which are an integral part of our product delivery.

Certified Siemens Service and Solutions Partner

Dosetec Exact is a Siemens Partner through two distinct co-operation agreements. As the first ever Siemens Service Partner in Finland, Dosetec provides systemic preventive maintenance and servicing of Siemens-based equipment, designed for the dosing and weighing of liquid and powdery materials.

Dosetec has served as a Siemens Solutions Partner for many years. As the Solutions Partner, Dosetec provides dosing systems with intelligent weighing technology that is fully integrated with Siemens control systems.

All our operations are based on the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. We ensure that all our products meet customer needs and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements consistently – now and in the future. We enhance customer satisfaction by continual improvement of the processes related to the system.