From manufacturing mechanical balance scales into an international Nordic company

Our company that started in manufacturing scales, Tmi Koskinen & Pojat, patented an adjustable weight scale. With this scale, separate reference weights common in other balance based scales were replaced with an adjustable weight position in the scale structure that allowed for a more accurate measurement. This new and revolutionary invention grew quickly in popularity and was later used in almost every Finnish farm estate.

In 1970 our company recognized that the mechanical scales would soon become obsolete in the future due to electronical scales. Electrical scales became a clear direction for our company’s future in business. We quickly managed to become proficient and up to date with automation and electronic systems.




Our production expanded to include dosing systems and our first dosing system was designed and built for a concrete mixing plant. We built our own hoppers from the start, from clockworks to finished product ourselves. We were also among the first in Finland to manufacture load cells and scale electronics.


Our production started focusing more and more into industrial scale weighing and dosing system development. The first dosing system delivery for a bakery was to a Fazer bakery plant in Kuopio in the mid 1980’s. The planning of automated systems for food industry, which started in the 1990’s, has made Dosetec the leading expert in dosing automation planning and manufacturing it is today.