dispose human mistakes

Precise and reliable industrial dosing - clean and hygienic work environment

Dosetec Exact supplies comprehensive turnkey raw material dosing systems to various industries, specifically for bakeries and food industries. Our services include also process improvements and control system upgrades


dairy industry

food processing industry

construction material industry

energy industry

other industries

We are a strategic production partner that helps improve production quality and dispose human mistakes


Our customers have solved the nodes associated with the production and are thus improved their productivity and profitability.

project expertise

Professional project management is the key to smooth project implementation independent of project scope. It plays a big role and holds responsibility both in big and small projects.


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Customized solutions for raw material dosing and sour dough systems

The Dosetec design offers cost-efficient customization according to customer needs and easy integration to the existing process equipment. The modular approach to design enables process improvements and helps achieve the best possible benefits.

Our products and operations meet the ISO9001 standards and (EC)1935/2004 food contact materials regulation.

dosing system

Dosetec powder and liquid dosing systems for bakeries and food industry enable precise and reliable dosing and a clean and hygienic work environment.

big bag filling equipment

The large capacity, extremely accurate dosing and minimal material waste of Dosetec’s bag and barrel filling stations makes them very cost-effective unit for packing different kind of raw materials.

sour dough
and scalding system

Create a superior traditional sourdough with modern technology.

With extensive know-how comes responsibility

Our customers’ operational environment, the raw materials and needs guide our design. Over the decades, we have accumulated experience, convincing know-how and extensive knowledge of various raw materials processed in bakeries and the food industry. Therefore, we bear the responsibility for our products, and that the dosing systems are able to handle exactly the raw materials the customer uses in their own production processes.

Project management

Dosetec is all about project expertise: the ability to serve our customer comprehensively even in challenging situations, and by products designed with the customer’s needs in mind. From project planning to training, we aim to a smooth and efficient start-up in close co-operation with our customer.