Sour dough and scalding system

Sour dough production

Rye sour dough gives bread more softness, better baking qualities and a longer shelf life without artificial additives. Sour dough is prepared in fermentation tanks, which are applied with flour, water and starter dough in right quantities. During the fermentation process the system controls and alters the temperature according to the recipe. Sour dough is dosed by pumping it into the dough pot.



Scalding process

The scalding process also helps the bread stay soft, fresh and have a longer shelf life without artificial additives. During the scalding process, boiling water is mixed in with some of the flour and the mixture is left to settle before making the dough. Due to this process the dough adheres more water and the increased moisture content makes the bread softer. The dosing is applied through a heat exchanger into the dough pot.

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