Automatic dosing and weighing systems bring many benefits to the bakeries

The automatic Dosetec dosing and weighing systems improve bakery’s competitivity in several ways. The whole production becomes quicker and more efficient, while the product quality becomes more uniform. The ergonomics gets improved as the automatic systems take care of completely dust-free dosing, for example. 

During the decades, Dosetec Exact Oy has delivered several automatic dosing and weighing systems to the leading bakery groups of Northern Europe. The latest deliveries to Polarbröd in Sweden, Fazer Bakery in Moscow and Fazer Confectionery’s biscuit factory in Finland underline the same lesson that have been learned over the years: the automatic Dosetec systems bring many benefits to the bakeries.

More efficient production – easily and without dust

The Dosetec systems enable high-capacity dosing and weighing, which makes the whole production quicker and more efficient. The big bag stations, for example, enable continuous production, as the bags can be changed from empty to full ones without interrupting the dosing.

The big bags are easy to handle and they minimize the risks of work accidents, as was the case in Fazer Confectionery’s biscuit factory. To further enhance the ergonomics, the Dosetec systems are always equipped with customized dust removal solutions.

Improved product quality and minimized waste by intelligent features

Exact dosing of small components, such as salt and sugar, is reached by weighing the storage bin with a Loss-In-Weight method. This guarantees uniform product quality constantly and eliminates manual dosing errors while minimizing waste.

To further advance the product quality, the Dosetec systems are equipped with intelligent and self-learning features. For example, the systems take care of dough’s correct temperature and automatically adjust the dosing accuracy, when ingredient’s moisture content changes.

The Dosetec deliveries to Polarbröd, Fazer Bakery and Fazer Confectionery are more specifically introduced on the latest Dosetec News customer magazine.