process automation and control for bakeries and food industry

siemens s7

The control system is implemented with Siemens S7 PLC system and touch screen operating panels. The dosing of raw materials is done automatically according to the chosen production plan or recipe. The system will also create a batch report detailing materials dosed automatically and also materials added manually. The reports are saved in a database and are easily retrievable for later use. Automatic controlled production brings many benefits in the production process including:

Accurate dosing to ensure a uniform quality
Speed and flexibility
Real-time monitoring
Reduced raw material losses
Reporting and tracking of dosed quantities

The system’s automatic pre-correction of the dosage ensures that the dosing result is always correct. If for example, the characteristics of a component change, the system adjusts the dosing to match the changed characteristics. Thanks to Dosetec recipe management system modularity, it can be implemented into other suppliers systems also!

Typical reasons for control system investment

  • Need for upgrade, usually the mechanical components lasts longer than automation system, therefore usually upgrading the control system gives more years to your equipment
  • Safety concerns with existing equipment
  • Need of customizability in bakery product development

Why us?

  • Solution-oriented approach
  • Modular/tailored dosing systems for specific needs
  • High-end products
  • Reliable after sales and maintenance services

Dosing system deliveries including control system, case studies

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