Big bag filling equipment

The large capacity, extremely accurate dosing and minimal material waste of Dosetec’s bag and barrel filling stations
makes them very cost-effective unit for packing different kind of raw materials.

Big bag filling station

The big bags can be packed with different solids, such as flour, powdered milk, sugar, dry mortar, dust or other similar dry materials. The dosing into the big bags is done either by screw conveyors, sector valves or through an extraction joint using a butterfly valve .

The big bag filling station may be equipped with either roller conveyors or belt conveyors, which makes bag filling faster and more flexible.

Commercial packaging can also be done at the filling stations.

Valve sacks filling station

Valve sacks can be filled with a variety of materials, from sanding gravel to sea salt. Sack filling is based on weighing.

The sacks may either be palletised manually or transported by belt conveyor to the palletiser.

Open sacks bag filling station

Open sacks are used in foodstuff and feed industry. The bag is supported on the filling spout by means of a pneumatic gripper and dosing is based on weighing.

The filling station can be equipped with a belt conveyor and bag mouth sewing machine.

Barrel and container filling station

The filling stations for barrels and containers are useful for different kinds of liquids and powders, even in hazardous environments.

Dosing from a silo into the barrel is carried out either by screw conveyor or by pumping. When barrels are lined with a bag, the filling process is dust-free even when difficult-to-handle chemicals are concerned.