Dosetec powder and liquid dosing systems for bakeries and food industry

Dosetec powder and liquid dosing systems for bakeries and food industry enable precise and reliable dosing and a clean and hygienic work environment. Materials that are difficult to handle can be dosed reliably and accurately with the Dosetec systems.  Our modern dosing systems help our customers to offer end products with better and more uniform quality. And, thanks to fast and accurate dosing, production capacity can be increased as well.


Dosing systems outside and inside a building.



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Dosing system in use.


Typical reasons for dosing system investment

  • need for increase capacity
  • safety or hygienic concerns with existing equipment
  • dust free working environment
  • Outdated equipment


Powder dosing system case studies


Why us?

  • solution-oriented approach
  • reliable after sales and maintenance services
  • high-end products
  • modular/tailored dosing systems for specific needs


Dosetec Exact is a reliable long term partner for numerous companies in the food industry. Here are some quotes from our customers:

Eero Lassila, Valio Ltd

“The powders we dose are what keep the cheese in the desired shape. As such, accurate dosing is of utmost importance to us. Inaccurate doses affect the features of the finished Mifu® strips, such as shape and texture, and how they behave when they are packed and whether they stick together too much. Fortunately, the dosing system has proven to be very accurate” Read full story

Ilkka Huttunen, Fazer Confectionery

“We are extremely satisfied with the system. Prior to the project we discussed with Dosetec a lot and openly about all the potential problems. Our employees welcomed open-heartedly the renewal from the very start” Read full story

John Egil Filtvedt on behalf of Orkla Sweden

“Dosetec’s experience-based customisation skills helped us find the optimal solution in terms of use of space. The system started up first try, and the customer was happy,” Read full story


What next?

  • contact to one of our sales persons with phone call or e-mail
  • our sales person asks all the relevant questions over the phone or makes a visit to your location to acquire detailed information
  • you will recieve an offer from us, which includes all neccesary technical and operational data
  • offer will be discussed through step by step with our sales person