New bakery near Tallinn strengthens the business of the VAASAN Group

The largest bakery group in the Baltic countries, the VAASAN Group recently inaugurated a new production site for the production of bake-off products in Saue, Estonia. In the 7 500 square meter facilities, this international baking forerunner manufactures over two hundred assorted bake-off products for the Baltic and Scandinavian markets.

Scale expertise of Dosetec reaches a century

In the beginning of the 1900s, Iisakki Koskinen bought a mechanical scale on a trip to Germany, explored the operating principle and designed his own version. Soon the scales were made steadily with the help of his son Vihtori.It took decades until a new scale invention occurred in the Koskinen family. Vihtori’s son Esko asked his father to design “some […]

Dosetec Exact Oy 60 years

From mechanical scales to an international expert of dosing systems Dosetec Exact Oy customizes dosing and weighing systems for various industries. While celebrating its 60th anniversary today, the story of this family-owned company began with an invention made by grandfather Vihtori in the 1950s. It’s been decades since Vihtori Koskinen invented his sliding poise scale […]

West Coast Fish invests in food herring by a conveyor belt scale

Dosetec supports its customer’s strategic changes. Instead of forage herring, West Coast Fish wanted to invest in food herring, for which Dosetec tailored a conveyor belt scale system to replace the hopper scale system. Now the fresh Baltic herring is quickly transferred to freezers, while ensuring the quality of the fish.

Uniform quality according to recipe for ABB’s resin production

The global leader in power and automation technologies ABB, is known for high-quality products, systems and services. This spring in their Vaasa factory, Dosetec automated the dosing and weighing related to the mixing operations of resin. The reform ensures the uniformity of the resin quality in stator windings.

The modern dosing and weighing systems of Dosetec Exact improve competitive edge

It comes as a surprise to many, how various competitive advantages are gained, when the dosing and weighing processes of a company are automated. Normally, a company automate its dosing and weighing processes in order to boost production, an example being the Norwegian food giant Stabburet. In recent years, it has modernised dosing and weighing […]

Fazer Eesti AS aspires to be the front runner in all its operations

Fazer Eesti AS is a prime example of how Dosetec takes care of the longevity of a customer’s production processes and the future competitiveness of the company. The first joint project of the two companies occurred in 2006 and last winter the bakery’s two other production lines were expanded.