Dosetec provides relief to maxit Estonia’s growth-pain

Fast-growing mineral-based construction materials manufacturer maxit Estonia AS has gained much-needed relief to its capacity problems from Dosetec Exact.

Dosetec has assembled and integrated a new extension to the dosing system at maxit Estonia’s dry-mix plant in Aravete, Estonia. The new expanded system mixes the raw materials with the required additives automatically and transports the correct mix forward for packaging.

Prior to the extension the shortage of dosing silos caused a severe bottleneck in the company’s manufacturing volume. According to Urmas Paales from maxit Estonia, one single silo was previously used for dosing of three separate raw materials, one material at the time. This resulted in an extensive amount of additional work as the raw material had to be vacated from the silo before filling it and being able to use it with another raw material.

The system extension provided by Dosetec Exact has increased the manufacturing volume and manufacturing flexibility of maxit Estonia as unwanted work stages are left out. In addition, the extension has contributed in enhancing maxit Estonia’s productivity and the overall quality of its products despite the continuously increasing production volume and product range, Urmas Paales comments.

In addition to manufacturing and providing the dosing silos Dosetec Exact was also responsible for integrating the new system components with the existing system, provided also by Dosetec Exact. The Dosetec system enabled a smooth integration process between the existing system and the new components. Besides the flexibility provided by the system itself Paales notes maxit Estonia’s satisfaction over the service provided by Dosetec throughout the expansion process. The quality of the after-sales service has been expecially appreciated by maxit Estonia, Paales says.

maxit Estonia AS in short

maxit Estonia AS is part of maxit Group owned by Heidelberg Cement Group. Maxit Group has more than 100 production plants in over 30 countries. In Estonia maxit Estonia operates two production plants in Häädemeeste and Aravete.