Kemira uses Dosetec system for big bag filling in sodium chlorate plant, Uruguay

Kemira chose Dosetec big bag (FIBC) filling station for sodium chlorate plant in Fray Bentos, Uruguay. The plant operates in connection to Botnia pulp mill. The negotiations and planning for the Dosetec system were started in autumn 2005, and the system was implemented in Uruguay in autumn 2007. The big bag (FIBC) filling station packages sodium chlorate into 1,500 kg bulk bags – with total capacity of 15 bags and 22,500 kg an hour.

The big bag filling system was designed according to specific requirements of Kemira. The parts of the system that are in contact with sodium chloride, a strong oxidant and corrosive, were identified and taken into consideration already at the design phase.

Dosetec has a long experience in designing and producing this type of systems. A similar system was delivered to the production plant of Finnish Chemicals, a Kemira Group company, in Äetsä, Finland. And as with earlier deliveries, Mr. Osmo Kuusinen, Project Manager, was satisfied with the total delivery this time as well. The long delivery distance and the conditions in Uruguay were not a hindrance to the delivery, which Kuusinen considers important.

The big bag filling station consists of a bagging station and a belt conveyor that discharges the filled bags onto a storage conveyor. Sodium chlorate is dosed from two silos to filling station by screw conveyors. Both conveyors have two discharge gates, one for big bags and another for storage containers. A flap valve at the discharge end of the screw conveyor ensures exact dosing and prevents the material from dropping to the floor after dosing.

The height of the filling spout can be adjusted by pneumatic cylinder according to the size of the big bag. The filling station has supporting hooks for 4- and 2-handle bags. The mouth of the bag is attached to the filling spout and locked by pneumatic cylinder. A blower at the filling spout opens the big bag for filling.