project expertise

Professional project management is the key to smooth project implementation independent of project scope.
It plays a big role and holds responsibility both in big and small projects.

Benefits of efficient project management

– keeping the agreed schedule

– transparent process

– fluent communication

– short downtime period in installations

Smooth start-up in time and as planned

1. Sales and project contract

In the project planning phase, the project management is already involved. As soon as the project is commercially agreed with the customer, we introduce our project manager to the customer. Project management’s participation in solution planning speeds up moving onto the next phase.

2. Project kick-off meeting

The initial information is gathered in a kick-off meeting. We present the delivery scope that is examined based on the suitability to customer premises and to connectivity to the existing process. This is to ensure the delivery scope is in accordance with the project objectives.

3. Manufacturing

Once the details of the required equipment and the connections to customer’s process have been agreed upon, the manufacturing phase begins. Thanks to our flexible delivery process, necessary alterations can be implemented very comprehensively. The customer is kept informed in all manufacturing stages.

4. Installation and start-up

The details of installation and start-up are agreed with the customer before delivery in a meeting, where we also review the responsibilities and issues related to them. This ensures the delivery, installation and start-up take place according to the agreed schedule.

5. Training

After the start-up, the operators and service personnel will be trained and serviced items and wear parts are reviewed.

Support in process development

Our proven experience and know-how on raw material dosing systems helps us support our customers in their development actions and minimize production downtime during process or equipment changes. This is one of Dosetec’s biggest strengths.

Learn more about our customers and references

case example, bakery


Bakery dosing system installation and start-up

  • 6 silos 
  • 20 big bag unloading stations 
  • 10 micro ingredient dosing stations 
  • recipe based dosing to 2 production lines 
  • Omron process automation and control 
  • office PC for recipe management 


Remote control module installation for dosing system

Revolutionary technology at the time, which enabled rapid service and troubleshooting for customer without need to travel on-site


Renewal of office PC (recipe management) & increasing the PC number from 1 to 3


Modification of the silo discharging equipment

With new raw materials, the need for new raw material handling equipment was needed


Process automation and control system modernization

Omron based control system was updated to Siemens S7


Dosing system extension

Increased capacity and minor tweaking of the dosing system


Dosing system extension

Sour dough handling equipment installation and integration to existing dosing system


Dosing system modification

Customer needed to adjust the process due to launch of a new product