The production and ergonomy of Mix factory in The Oululainen Mill took a great leap forward to a new era

Dosetec supply included small component and big bag dosing systems as well as a filling station for big bags.

The Oululainen Mill, a part of the Fazer Concern, started its operation in 1971 to secure the quality, the delivery and the marketability of the flour of Fazer Bakeries. The Oululainen Mill is the second biggest flour mill operating in one place. In the nineties, sale of the processed products of the flour mill was started also outside the concern, and products are exported to Sweden, the Baltic countries and Russia. At the end of 2003 a new, modern and efficient Mix-factory was introduced at The Oululainen Mill, to manufacture different kinds of premixes, for instance for the needs of bakery industry. Production includes plain bread and pastry mixes as well as special mixtures. The Dosetec supply included small component and big bag dosing systems as well as a filling station for big bags.

A high quality and efficient Dosetec dosing system for Mix-factory

The Dosetec Dosing System supplied by Vaakakoskinen Oy included 16 big bag (FIBC) unloading stations. A big bag unloading station is provided with a 300-litre hopper, which makes changing bags flexible. Dosing of big bag materials is done by a screw conveyor into a vacuum conveying pipe and to a hopper scale. The stations are connected into a central dust collection system.

The small component dosing station included twenty storage bins. The bin is provided with an agitator and each bin is equipped with load cells working as a dosing unit. A screw conveyor doses the material and a vacuum conveyor transfers it into the unloading bin. The screw conveyor stops when the desired batch has been discharged. The solution enables flexible lay-out of the bins as well as loading them from floor level. Big bag (FIBC) materials are dosed into a hopper scale and small components into an unloading bin, provided with weighing equipment. The unloading bin operates as a check scale for small component dosing. The weighed batch is transferred from the unloading bin into mixers by pneumatic conveying.

Mutual quality requirements call for high degree of automation

Jyrki Koponen, the department head, finds the dosing system efficient, accurate and sufficient to achieve the wanted production volumes thereby. As a whole, achieving such efficient, economic, and large production, whether measured by tons, brands or quality, would not be possible without the present, automatic dosing system. Due to that production premises and working ergonomics advanced to a new era. Jyrki Koponen is glad to say that with the help of Dosetec dosing system the productivity of Oululaisen Mylly has improved and material losses have decreased. Consumers can enjoy clearly more uniform quality, due to the new technology, which enables new products.

Dosetec – innovative, small and flexible Finnish supplier

Jyrki Koponen is satisfied with the Dosetec system and the service he has met with both technicians and engineers. “We felt like important customers, which appeared as quick reactions during the project process. Schedules matched, we were pleased with the installation work, test run, training and maintenance, in other words with overall quality of the supply. Our decision was partly influenced by the fact that Dosetec was a well-known supplier to other Fazer Bakeries. One of the significant criteria was the right relation between price and quality.”

Bigbag (FIBC) filling station with developed dust collecting system for MIX–Factory

The mixed product is filled into a big bag (FIBC), for example. The big bag filling station is provided with a pallet unstacker and roller conveyors. The filling station is controlled by Siemens PLC and an operator panel. The height of the filling station can be adjusted according to the height of the big bag. The pallet in automatically transferred onto the platform scale. A start command tares the scale and starts the dosing. Dosing is done through a filling spout into the big bag, first by coarse and then by fine dosing. During the filling process the big bag is vibrated to remove air from the material. The air mixed with dust is removed from the filling spout into the central dust collection system, which is provided with a compensation air valve to balance the air discharged from big bag, so the big bag is not sucked flat during the dosing and the dust is not exhausted to the environment. During changing the big bag the compensation air valve is closed; thus all suction can be focused into the filling spout. The mouth of the sack is closed and the filled sacks are transferred on the stock conveyor where they can be picked up by a fork lift.