All new Kjelstad Bakeri makes bread with Dosetec precision

High-tech and dust free baking.

Kjelstad Bakeri is a fast growing bakery in the town of Lena, about 1,5 hours north of Oslo. The bakery makes principally different bread products ranging from hamburger and hot dog buns to fresh bread loaves. It provides bakery products for large number of supermarkets in the surrounding area, in the Norwegian county of Oppland. The Managing Director of this family-run bakery is Arne Kjelstad, a forward-looking entrepreneur under who´s reign the company has grown quickly.

User friendly dosing system

The new baking facilities with top of the range new equipment have the technical capacity to almost double bakery´s turnover. Kjelstad´s all new bakery is equipped with Dosetec dosing system with only few old units brought from the old facility. Sizeable delivery was completed by Dosetec´s local representative, Dynatec. It included three big auto silos, two big bag loading stations, five small component dosing stations, two hopper scales for flour and liquid, liquid oil dosing, liquid yeast and liquid margarine equipment as well as complete control system equipped with Siemens PLC and a touch screen panel. The tailor-made installation went well with few fine tunings and adjustments required. Training the personnel was quick since the dosing system is very user-friendly. As a result, the bakery operates today with the very latest technology in a dust-free and hygiene working environment and produces even quality bread with superior efficiency.