Automation updates secure the competetitive edge of Goman Bakeriet

The Norwegian bakery chain Goman Bakeriet is a unique combination of local bakery traditions and the modern bakery industry. In Trondheim, the company modernized control of the dosing and weighing systems as well as automated the dosing of liquids.

Goman Bakeriet is at the forefront when it comes to the health, safety and quality of its products. For example, it was the first to start the production of 100% wholegrain bread in Norway.
To maintain the value of its products, the company remodeled the control system of the dosing and weighing systems in Trondheim last winter. Dosetec, as the company´s trusted partner, upgraded the system with programmable, state-of-theart control logic (Siemens S7). Its intelligent features will ensure the bakery´s competitive edge far into the future.
As a prelude to easier and more efficient working, the system includes 240 recipes. Each recipe can have thirty ingredients to be dosed.

Self-learning and self-piloting system

The control system´s follow-up processes, real-time alarms and trouble shooting as well as detailed reporting help the bakery function reliably.
Human errors are simply impossible because the system aborts operation and reminds the user if any ingredient lacks in dosing. The system also guides the user in manual operations.
The quality of baked goods is emphasized through the system´s self-learning and selfpiloting features. For instance, if changes occur in ingredient properties, for example in the moisture ratio, the control logic finetunes the dosing accuracy automatically.
The system, with a 19-inch touch screen is based on parameters when there is no need for special actions or complicated coding due to possible process modifications.

Accurate capability

In connection with the control system reform, Goman Trondheim automated the dosing of liquids. Now the dosing of water, margarine, syrup and liquid yeast are more accurate and effective.
During the process, the system measures the temperatures of tap and warm water and calculates the water amounts to be dosed according to the required temperatures.
The water and yeast dosing can also be adjusted during the process without changing the original recipe, for example, if the dough hasn´t risen enough.
After six months of operational experience, the bakery´s chief Mr. Kristofer Heggdal states, that the new systems perform exactly the way they should

Goman Bakeriet is the second largest bakery chain in Norway and a part of Coop Norge AS group. Goman Bakeriet has seven bakeries around Norway.