Baking with passion and precision

How to boost production without compromising the high quality of the end product? Norwegian bakery Lierne Bakeri AS joined forces with Dosetec and automated its growth-oriented production. Delivery tailored from start to finish seems to have become the Dosetec trademark.

Lierne Bakeri embraces the use of local ingredients and the preservation of their pure flavours in their bakery products. It takes pride in having successfully made the transition from high quality handmade products to industrial production while still maintaining their unique taste and character. The secret apparently lies in choosing high quality raw materials and using them with respect and care.

Investment for future growth

With their products in such high demand, the company has had to make some fundamental decisions about how to raise productivity without compromising the high quality of its products. With this in mind, Lierne Bakeri decided to invest in the new Dosetec dosing system. The automation system comprises two separate dosing lines, one of which is for manufacturing gluten-free products.
The perfectly tailored dosing system has taken the bakery´s automation to a completely new level. The dosing of ingredients to the dough mixer is done entirely automatically, including the dosing of all small components. Although the process is fully automatic, adding ingredients manually is also possible.
Thanks to this new automation the bakery´s production has grown hugely, while at the same time providing better and more hygienic working conditions. Above all, Lierne Bakeri now has capability to manufacture products of uniform quality with high production capacity. For example, the capacity of dry material dosing in both the flour and gluten-free lines is 1500 kg/h each.

Dosing with improved precision

Lierne Bakeri is famous for its strictness when it comes to product quality. Ingredients must be top class. In line with the bakery´s specification Dosetec incorporated a sugar mill in the system so that milling can be done on site without any need for additives.
Also, to make traditional Norwegian Lefse breads successfully, potato flakes must be handled in such a way that their moisture level remains right. Dosetec therefore tailored a 4 m3 ribbon mixer in the system to help maintain a uniform moisture level in the flakes in day-to-day operation. This ensures an even end product quality every day.
In total, the Dosetec delivery included a Siemens S7 control system and automatic dosing systems for ingredients, flour, potato flakes and sugar. Ingredients are dosed from silo-, big bag- and small component stations, guaranteeing exact and flexible production.