Dosetec becomes a Siemens System Integrator

Dosetec Exact Oy manufacturers dosing systems and industrial bag filling stations more than 50 years of experience to a variety of industries. Our dosing systems haven been delivered e.g. to food product, chemical. construction material and steel industry.

Dosetec has forced a significant partnership agreement with Siemens that makes Dosetec Exact Siemens’ expert partner in the field of weighing and dosing systems. We have conducted constant long-term product development with control systems by focusing on the various and very differing needs of our clients and their system and operational requirements. Dosetec has responded to these different needs with the Siemens partnership by building our control system on Siemens S7 programmable logic controller (PLC). The S7 based interface, although it is easy to use, is very versatile in its features as it not only servers th purpose of production functions but also supports the systems maintenance functions. The versatility of the S7 control system is emphasized by the possibility to connect the dosing system directly with client’s operation and information management system e.g. SAP.

A good example of functioning co-operation between Dosetec and Siemens is the recent project at Ovako Wire’s Koverhar steel production plant. The project included Dosetec conveyor belt scales for enhanging the plant’s raw material dosing functions. The Siwarex scale electronics used in the project are connected directly to the plant’s main automatic system.

The Siemens System Intergrator status is a strong indicator of the high quality of our products and client-oriented service. With our parnership Dosetec can pursue even greater achievements in the future.