Dosetec has vastly improved product quality in Klausen bakery

A Norwegian bakery, the biggest in southern Buskerud county, Bakermester Klausen, has improved the quality of its products vastly with the Dosetec dosing system. The manufacturer of several different kinds of bread and other bakery products had difficulties in making homogeneous products before the new dosing system.

The problem is now history due to fully automated dosing which has eliminated production quality variations. At the same time, the company has eliminated other human errors in final products such as incorrect ingredient weighing.

More time for dustless baking

This family bakery with long traditions near Oslo now produces over 2000 loaves per hour. Thanks to the new dosing system, staff have time to bake more products. “We are able to make more products than we would have expected”, says Pål Klausen who owns the bakery with his brother.

“Dosetec’s system has greatly improved manufacturing and working conditions too. No more flour dust. This is tailor-made for promoting health, good working conditions and safety at work. At the same time, losses of raw materials have decreased”, Pål Klausen points out.

Jewel of user friendliness

Baker Klausen has been extremely satisfied with Dosetec in every way, whether it is service, sketch presentations, timetables, value for money, installation, user training or aftersales service.

“Special thanks are due to the system´s user friendliness and control system. This is top quality”, says baker Klausen. Exact weighing has brought operational reliability and safety to Bakermester Klausen.
The company’s purchase decision was confirmed by the local representative Dynatec and good references on Dosetec. Bakermester Klausen and Dynatec have cooperated for years.

Dosetec’s delivery consisted of ten small component dosing stations and hopper scales for flour and liquids. Two new flour silos, with a capacity of 23 tons, were also installed. All the small component dosing stations are situated on the second floor. Small component dosing is done using the weight-loss principle by weighing the dosing station. The weighed batch is conveyed by vacuum to the flour scale.