Dosetec improves hygiene at Valio factory in Vantaa

In autumn 2007, Dosetec delivered dosing system to Valio factory in Vantaa, Finland for dosing processed cheese ingredients. This dosing system collects ingredients from big bags and small component stations into the hopper scales.

The system has separate lines for powdered milk and salt based ingredients. Dosing of powdered milk is by vacuum conveying into the hopper scales. From there it is transferred into receiving bins and further into cheese mixers. Ingredients containing salt are first dosed into a hopper scale, then discharged into mixer and transferred to cheese mixers as water solution. Small doses are measured into buckets, which are later manually emptied into the cheese mixers.

The new system ensures homogenous production and reproducible processes. Automated metering of ingredients ensures the stability and predictability of the process. “Dosing powders used to be a manual operation, so it was not difficult for the workers to give it up”, says Mr. Jorma Kärki, Technical Expert at Valio Vantaa factory.
“Dosing powders was dusty work, and improving the work environment is one of the most important benefits of the new system. Thanks to the new equipment, hygiene and ergonomics at the production area are now better. Dust collection of dosing devices is yet another improvement”, Kärki continues.

Valio chose Dosetec as the partner and system deliverer due to positive experiences from earlier deliveries. As the costs were competitive as well, Vantaa factory is very satisfied with the cooperation.
“There are always problems with new equipment in the beginning, and it is crucial that the system deliverer offers the right solutions. Dosetec handled the problems well”, says Jorma Kärki, Technical Expert.

The big bag / small component station is a compact structure with small component containers placed between the big bag containers inside a common frame. Storage bins are equipped with agitators to prevent the material from arching.

The material is dosed with screw conveyor into vacuum conveying line and conveyed into hopper scales. A bi-directional screw conveyor under the hopper scale transfers the weighed batch either to the mixer or to the bucket filling station. Each discharge and dosage station is connected to a centralised dust collection system.

As the biggest milk processor in Finland, Valio is the market leader in every major dairy product segment. Valio is also the biggest cheese producer in Finland. The Vantaa factory produces some 34 million kg processed cheese annually as well as packages ripened cheeses.