Dosing system for Porokylä Bakery

Dosetec delivered dosing system for Porokylä Bakery in Lieksa, Finland.

For Porokylän Leipomo Oy not only the operational reliability of the dosing system but also the accuracy of dosing is essential. Those two factors guarantee that customers get consistent, delicious bread with every purchase.

Operational reliability and high quality were top of mind when Porokylän Leipomo Oy in Finland decided to invest in a third bakery. The company wanted both to respond to the growing demand for rye bread and to compete in Finland’s ever-growing sliced bread market. The new bakery lines increase efficiency and free up capacity for making Porokylän Leipomo’s popular buns.

Finland’s largest manufacturer of rye bread acquired factory space in Lieksa in Eastern Finland and turned to Dose­tec Exact Oy for equipment purchases. Porokylä Leipomo Oy’s project manager Antti Horttanainen explains that the operational reliability of the dosing system was an absolute requirement.

”We heard about other companies’ good experiences with Dosetec Exact. Already early on, the impression that Dosetec is an operator that knows what it’s doing was strengthened. We received answers to our questions and a clear plan for the delivery and what is required of us.”

Easy implementation and quick support

Installed in a 6,000 m² factory hall, the Dosetec system consists of flour dosing, big bag dosing, small component dosing, and dosing of liquids. The control system, implemented with Siemens PLC, ensures the operational reliability of the system, which, alongside dosing accuracy, is essential for Porokylä Leipomo’s products.

”The reliability and solid quality of Dosetec’s dosing significantly affect the predictability of the product. Consumers get exactly the flavor of bread or bun they like and are used to,” Horttanainen points out.

The internal dust removal of the flour scale ensures that no raw material is wasted or spread into the environment. When the flour scale is emptied, dust from the dough bowl is sucked back into the scale’s container, saving raw material. Minimizing dust also improves hygiene and the work environment.

”Adopting the clear and easily customizable user interface was easy. If we have needed support, it has been fast. The quality of the work was first-class, and the system has worked from the beginning as we had hoped,” Horttanainen sums up.

Porokylän Leipomo Oy

– 3 bakeries in North Karelia, Finland, in Nurmes and Lieksa.
– Established in 1983.