Dust control improves productivity

Less dust in bakery production reduces the occurrence of typical occupational diseases and improves occupational safety as well as job satisfaction. A well planned dust control system also improves the bakery’s profi tability in the long run.

Occupational sneezing in dusty bakeries is a bothersome occupational condition which may become a permanent disease if exposure to dust continues for a long time. Occupational health institutes are of the opinion that occupational sneezing may progress to asthma in the worst case. It is only in rare instances that a fully developed occupational asthma compensable under the health care act can be healed.

Dosetec can provide numerous references where working conditions in bakeries became almost dustfree as our dosing systems integrated an automated dust removal system. It is essential that the dust removal system is custom-designed to suit the customer’s needs and to address specifi c problem areas where dust dangerous to breathing is being generated.

A well designed dust control system helps to prevent occupational sneezing and asthma, to improve occupational safety and to enable personnel to work in a more motivated and effective manner. At the same time, the sick leaves and personnel turn-over are reduced. The Dosetec systems improve not only your production capacity but working conditions, both of which have a direct impact on the profitability of your company.