Fazer Eesti AS aspires to be the front runner in all its operations

Expansions by Dosetec secure future competitiveness.

Fazer Eesti AS is a prime example of how Dosetec takes care of the longevity of a customer’s production processes and the future competitiveness of the company. The fi rst joint project of the two companies occurred in 2006 and last winter the bakery’s two other production lines were expanded.

Fazer Eesti AS wants to be the overall frontrunner in Estonia’s bread market. For example, this year it launched a completely new healthy FRESH bread concept and for the second time the company’s dark Christmas bread, Must Jõululeib, was chosen the best annual Christmas bread.
The company’s leadership in production technology is evident in many ways. The Tallinn bakery site carries out continual development work and process refi nement, which ensure that the company will also retain its leadership role in the future. Dosetec has been participating in this overall process for six years.

Fast reaction to changes in the industry

Dosetec supplied a dosing and weighing system to Fazer’s Tallinn bakery in 2006. In the last three years Dosetec has adjusted and updated the system on three occasions. Last winter the wheat and rye bread lines were expanded. There was a clear reason for the modernisations.
– There is continuous development in the industry. New products and ingredients enter the market, production capacities change, standards relating to quality and work environments advance, explains Mr. Olev Kroon, Technical Manager of Fazer Tallinn Bakery.
– In order to stay in the forefront of the changes, we have to continuously develop our operations. For example, the objective of every single change to our production system is to improve the working conditions and working environment at the same time, underlines Mr. Kroon.

Controlling fl our dust, minimising manual operations

The expansion last winter improved working conditions by increasing dust control and automating certain manual duties. As an example, new automation has done away with manual dosing into the dough bowl. New small component stations have reduced dust by means of automatic dosing and dust removal.

Production capacity increased by 25%

The past development projects have proven Dosetec to be a reliable partner. Therefore it is no surprise that the bakery in Tallinn chose Dosetec’s know-how for this expansion as well.
– All our production improvements with Dosetec have succeeded well and within the time schedules. We had several meetings with Dosetec to identify the correct solutions to meet our needs and to suit the existing system, says Mr. Kroon about the three-month long expansion project. The wheat line was enhanced with a new hopper scale which doses fl our directly into the dough mixers below without generating dust.
– One of the most important issues is the proper handling of ingredients and small components. Thanks to the new hopper scale on our wheat line, we were able to reduce production wait times and increase rationing capacity by about 25%. The new system functions precisely as planned, Mr. Kroon states happily.

More accurate quality control

In addition to the increased capacity, Fazer Eesti AS has improved the quality control of its products. Among other things, this is due to the vibratory sifter which is integrated into the system and which screens foreign particles out of small components before they are mixed into the dough.
– This also helps us to identify the sources of any possible contaminations, Mr. Kroon adds.
From the very beginning of the expansion operation, a great deal of attention was paid to the fi nal quality of the products. It is important to keep the water temperature constant when water is added to the dough bowl. This requirement was met by measuring the hot and cold water temperatures and calculating their infeed ratios based on the desired fi nal water temperature.

Integrated support for new production

Dosetec does not leave customers on their own after all the technical diffi culties have been resolved and the system is ready for new production. From in-depth training to scheduled maintenance, Dosetec offers all possible support to meet all the promised objectives.
Over a period of six years and in addition to the deliveries and expansions, Dosetec has continuously supported the Tallinn Bakery through a remote connection. Any questions regarding operations or adjustments can be resolved in real time without production interruptions.
– We are extremely satisfi ed with Dosetec’s systems and technical solutions as well as with the services they offer. We are already planning new development projects with them, the Technical Manager Mr. Kroon concludes.