Goman Bakeriet boost capacity

Five different simultaneous projects in three different areas.

This was the task posed to Dosetec last year when the Norwegian bakery chain GOMAN Bakeriet decided to double its flour dosing capacity at its Fredrikstad and Jæren bakeries. Both sites received also Dosetec sourdough systems, whilst a third was delivered to the Trondheim bakery.

Double dosing capacity in Fredrikstad and Jæren

The Norwegian bakery company GOMAN Bakeriet and Dosetec have a long history of collaboration stretching back over 20 years. Dosetec has grown particularly familiar with the bakeries in Fredrikstad and Jæren. The Dosetec systems delivered to Fredrikstad and Jæren have been extended several times in recent years. This kind of a pace of growth in production and degree of automation indicates that there is heightened demand for GOMAN’s products; additional evidence comes through the customer’s request of doubling their flour dosing capacity at both locations.

New flour silos for two dosing lines in Fredrikstad

In Fredrikstad, this request was fulfilled by providing new flour silos equipped with two flour dosing lines. In Jæren, the double capacity was achieved by doubling the flour feed from the existing silos. Dosetec’s chairman of the board, Jari Koskinen, who still enjoys working closely with customer and delivery projects, thought that the projects progressed well. “The new outdoor flour silos in Fredrikstad are made of Glass fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP); the material is well-suited for use in outdoor silos, as it is an insulating material and does not collect moisture, unlike steel silos, in varying temperatures. The flour silos are equipped with two flour dosing lines,” Koskinen explains. “The achievement of doubling the flour dosing capacity, as well as the prior overhaul of the control system and line-specific dosing with small dosing stations, have allowed the bakery’s production levels to grow. Siemens logic solutions were consulted for the automation so now the bakery staff can control automated dosing and weighing operations conveniently via a touch screen with a Norwegianlanguage interface,” Koskinen adds.

Confidence in a long-term partner

The Fredrikstad bakery Manager Trond Andersen explains that, as they are familiar with Dosetec projects, the delivery went well. “It was key for us that Dosetec would be able to realise our objective in terms of doubling flour dosing. And they did exactly that. Of course, we trusted this would be the case on the basis of the successful co operation of projects we have completed together in the past.” Bread baked using the traditional sourdough starter method appears to be increasing in popularity; this can be seen with the rise of customised solutions for automated dosing and weighing systems by Dosetec.

Sourdough bread – reasons for popularity

In the past, using a sourdough starter culture was the only way to leaven the dough, as yeast was unknown by bakers at the time. Nowadays; Sourdough is used because it produces bread that tastes and smells richer and has a better texture than bread leavened with standard baking yeast. Softness and a better predisposition to storage without the use of additives are also characteristic of sourdough bread. Furthermore, bakers appreciate the better baking properties of these breads. More generally, baking with sourdough represents a growing trend in which traditional and rural cooking methods are flourishing afresh. It is for these reasons that the popularity of sourdough bread seems to be on the rise.

Assistance from an experienced supplier of sourdough systems

Dosetec’s automated sourdough systems have, in recent years, helped in the development of bakeries’ sourdough breads. The Norwegian chain GOMAN Bakeriet, a long-term, major partner of Dosetec, has now also joined the ranks of the sourdough system users. The bakery chain placed an order for three systems, one for each of their bakeries in Fredrikstad, Jæren and Trondheim. “We feel that the project went well, with no major surprises. The only real challenges arose in terms of use of space. The positioning of the new equipment in the existing production facilities, with preestablished layouts, is always challenging. But I guess you can say that our experience helps us to find the right solutions for use of space,” said a pleased Koskinen, who began his career at Dosetec in the 1970s.

Tailored to suit production objectives

Dosetec’s dosing and weighing systems are always tailored to correspond to customers’ production objectives, from heightened capacity to more uniform finished products or even improved occupational safety. The Manager of GOMAN Bakeriet in Fredrikstad, Trond Andersen, confirms that the company is pushing for growth in the Norwegian sourdough bread market. He believes that this is achievable as long as the frameworks and production technology are in optimal condition to implement such changes. “Whilst having five projects on the go for GOMAN Bakeriet’s bakeries was more challenging and required more resources from Dosetec than normal projects, they truly stepped up to the plate, meeting the targets and keeping to the schedule.” “The systems in Fredrikstad and in our other locations work well. The dosing capacity and accuracy for flour and water are where we want them to be, which in turn helps us to achieve our desired bread production volumes and meet uniformity criteria,” said a happy Andersen. Dosetec’s owner and chairman of the board, Jari Koskinen, explains that the realisation of five projects in three different locations proved to be one of the most substantial deliveries in the company’s history, which spans more than 60 years.