Goman Bakeriet in Norway modernised its Hønefoss bakery

Optimal solutions with custom-designed know-how.

Dosetec’s solid expertise enables the automatisation of processes which few dare to attempt. We combined the dosing systems from separate production facilities into one system.

In 2005 Dosetec supplied Goman Bakeriet’s Hønefoss location with a dosing system and recently the bakery invited us as a long time partner to expand it. The objective was to combine dosing equipment from the Oslo bakery with the dosing systems at Hønefoss and simultaneously update the whole system starting with the control logic.

Accurately to the target capacity

The aim of the modernisation was to increase production capacity and as a result it was necessary to replace certain parts of the system. For example, replacing the rotary valves in the fl our silos and then the vacuum conveying achieved the customer’s desired dosing capacity of 60 kg/min.
The Oslo bakery’s small component dosing system was also supplied with a new control system and connected to the Hønefoss dosing system. Dosetec know-how enabled a very detailed estimation of the required new investments.

Cost effective equation

Combining new and old technologies is a special skill which requires a good understanding of equipment technologies and their applicability to the needs of each bakery. Because Dosetec has mastered this, the customer benefi ts from the cost-effective and profi table investment.
The equipment used in combining Goman Bakeriet’s processes, such as the small component station with scales, was put into effective use.
– The expansion project was executed well and quickly and the modernised dosing system at Goman Hønefoss functions as planned. We are very pleased with Dosetec’s fl exible manner of operation and custom
designs, informs Mr. Tor Brede Rognlid, Production Manager of Goman

In-depth equipment knowledge and fast responses

John Egil Filtvedt, who nowadays works at Megatec Automation, is Dosetec’s representative in Norway and he has had a signifi cant local role in the projects completed for Goman Bakeriet. He states that the latest expansion project at the Hønefoss bakery was executed well and without surprises.
Mr. Filtvedt emphasises that it is of the utmost importance to thoroughly understand the technologies and integrabilities of equipment when combining production facilities. It is equally important that the various project phases are well planned and executed smoothly as long-term production interruptions obviously have a negative impact on product deliveries.