Goman Jæren renewed the dosing of liquids and control system

Norwegian Goman Bakeriet bakes in nine regions, having a unique combination of local bakery traditions and modern baking technology. Their distinctive recipes are ensured by the Dosetec control system.

In recent years, the long-term partner Dosetec has helped the Goman Bakeriet’s various bakeries upgrade their baking technology. In the Jæren bakery in the south-west of Norway, Dosetec automated the dosing of liquids and modernized the control system.

Guaranteed performance

– Dosetec’s similar deliveries to the other bakeries of Goman Bakeriet have functioned excellently, so we continued with the same successful recipe in Jæren. The new liquid dosing system and the upgraded control system follows much the same operating logic as before, with the exception of the space utilization solutions, states Mr. John Egil Filtvedt, Dosetec’s Norwegian delivery partner from Megatec.
Thanks to the new automation, the dosing of water, liquid yeast, syrup and margarine flow along smoothly and reliably without human error. The user doesn´t even need to take care of the dough´s correct water temperature, because the system measures the temperatures of tap and warm water and doses the correct amount of both to reach the desired temperature.

Ultra-modern bakery technology

The brand new control system is based on the Siemens S7 programmable logic control, which Dosetec has further developed with features that facilitate the dosing operations in particular.
Among these features is a recipe database, where each recipe can include up to thirty ingredients to be dosed. If an ingredient is not found in a silo or small component hopper, the system changes automatically to hand the dosing mode.
The system´s self-learning features represent user-friendliness and state-of-the-art intelligence in the industry. For instance, when an ingredient property such as moisture changes, the system finetunes the dosing accuracy automatically.
The Norwegian-language control system with a 19 inch touch screen is based on parameters. There is no need for separate programming to fine-tune the processes.

Benefits for the entire bakery chain

The control system’s follow-up processes and detailed reporting help Goman Jæren in troubleshooting.
– We are very satisfied with the delivery. And because Goman Jæren now has a similar control system to the other chain’s bakeries, it helps the whole company operate in a more planned and effective way, states Mr. Jarle Valskaar, the Chief of Goman Jæren.