Intelligent dosing and weighing technology for bakeries

Precise weighing Reliable dosing

The Dosetec systems represent the most advanced technology in the industry and they ensure very precise and reliable dosing even when adding ingredients which are diffi cult to handle. Production capacity can be increased signifi cantly and the quality of end products can be improved by the use of our systems. The strict hygiene requirements in the food industry have been taken into consideration in the manufacture of our systems.

Flexible solutions Automated production

Reliable and high quality technology by Siemens controls Dosetec’s dosing systems. As a certifi ed Siemens Solution Partner, Dosetec is able to offer highly professional expertise in controlling dosing systems. Our automation know-how makes possible the automatic dosing of all the bread ingredients directly into the dough mixer. Production plans can be included in the dosing system. This makes production more effective and faster and minimises ingredient losses.

Clean work environment Hygienic production

Dosetec equipment is made of stainless steel, which ensures easy cleaning. Special attention has been paid to details enabling the complete cleaning and emptying of the equipment and parts. Dust control minimises the migration of fl our dust, helping to keep the production facilities cleaner and the personnel work conditions healthier. Dosetec know-how provides bakeries with signifi cant advantages which considerably increase the product quality and company competitiveness.