New production line for Saarioinen in Sahalahti

Saarioinen Oy is the Finnish market leader in convenience food. Recently, they opened a new production line in the food factory in Sahalahti. Dosetec delivered an automatic powder dosing and weighing system for the line.

The operation of food manufacturer Saarioinen started in Sahalahti in the 1940s, when they began to manufacture different kinds of products from flower soil to liver casserole in the Saarioinen mansion. The rearing of broiler chickens was launched in Sahalahti as a first in Finland, and the company’s prepared minced meat pizza, legendary for Finnish consumers, comes from Sahalahti.
Today in Sahalahti, they manufacture large amounts of convenience foods labeled as “like mom makes” together with the company’s famous Finnish TV commercial. The production volume has grown by such an extent in recent years that a new, highly automated production line was opened to keep up the pace.
The Production Manager in the Sahalahti food factory, Anu Lempinen considers that a high degree of automation is preferable when production volumes become large. The automatic dosing of all sorts of powders makes work easier and improves ergonomics.

A practical and flexible solution

Dosetec as a long-term partner of Saarioinen, delivered a dosing and weighing system in connection to the new production line. The system doses powders such as salt and sugar to the mixer automatically.
Elements of the existing dosing system were efficiently utilized in the new technological solution, and the current assembly operates with an emphasis on user friendliness and flexibility. For example, a hopper scale is installed above the raw material mixers. It moves on rails, while dosing the powders into two mixers according to preset requirements. In addition, the dated big bag (FIBC) stations were modernized.
– Dosetec´s system functions well at the moment and meets our production needs. The delivery process with all the installations went fine, the implementation plan was good and stayed on schedule, the Production Manager Lempinen states.