Renovating the dosing system in Sahalahti

Targeting to improve operational reliability and dust extraction.

Dosetec Exact Oy renovated the old dosing system at the Sahalahti plant of Saarioinen. The most important goals were to improve the reliability of the dosing system and to develop dust extraction. The carefully planned project was completed on time and by making the plant even tidier it also helped to improve the well-being of employees at work.

Saarioinen is a Finnish family business and a leading producer of convenience food in the country, originating in the Saarioinen Mansion at Sahalahti in Kangasala. In addition to Sahalahti, Saarioinen produces its delicious food also in Valkeakoski and Huittinen as well as in Rapla, Estonia with the workforce of around 1300 employees. Saarioinen has made the favourite food of the Finnish people already for 60 years – the food the way as mothers make it since 1957.

The cooperation between Saarioinen and Dosetec dates back many years. Now the goal was to develop the dispensing system delivered by Dosetec to the Sahalahti plant of Saarioinen in late 1990s. The most important goals were to improve the reliability of the dispensing system and to develop dust extraction. Another task was to supplement the old system with a new station for raw materials.

The project required precise planning

The overall project was planned in cooperation between Dosetec and Saarioinen. Improvement of dust extraction required especially precise planning in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Reliability was improved, for example, by providing small component stations with pneumatic agitators, which helped to prevent vaulting of raw materials and to ensure uniform discharge.

In order to improve dust extraction, the dust exhaust channels of the old system were modified and individual separate ducts were led to some of the locations. Channels were also supplied with automatic shut-off valves, which helped to target dust extraction namely to those areas, where it is needed most. The old big bag discharge station was also supplemented with a dust free collar through which big bags can be opened cleanly without any dust escaping into the environment. Dosetec delivered the complete unit, including equipment, automation, installation and commissioning.

Production continued with temporary arrangements and no time was lost

Renovating the old system and modifications in dust extraction meant that the dosing system had to be stopped for about two weeks. However, the production in Saarioinen continued as normal, wherefore the dosing of dry materials was ensured by means of temporary arrangements during the standstill of the dosing system. The standstill had to be carefully planned in advance, and keeping to the timetable was a high priority. The plan and execution were a success and the project was completed on time.

Operational reliability and well-being of employees at work improved

The modifications made in the dosing system were successful and the reliability of the system was improved. The improvement of dust extraction had clear positive effect on the tidiness of the areas surrounding the equipment and through this also improved the well-being of employees at the Sahalahti plant.

– ’The project was successful, as expected. We have cooperated for a long time and Dosetec has proved to be a reliable partner. This time the modifications were again carried out as planned and scheduled. We will definitely work together also in the future with possible new projects,’ says Jussi Heikkilä, development engineer, Saarioinen Oy, Sahalahti.