Third Dosetec dosing system already for Fazer Confectionery

Fazer Confectionery Ltd. has once again trusted Dosetec and has ordered a dosing system for their totally new casting line in their sugar confectionery factory in Lappeenranta.

Finland’s leading confectionery company produces starch and gelatine-based confectionery using the new casting line. The investment increases production capacity and enables the manufacturing of new types of products. The new dosing system, which was introduced at the very beginning of 2009, automatically doses the ingredients for mass production.

The project’s production and technical manager Ilkka Koskinenreports that the maximum production capacity of the new casting line is about 3500 kilograms per hour. According to Koskinen, the new system was purchased from Dosetec due to earlier favourable experiences of Dosetec’s deliveries. Even in the offering phase one could see that the proposal was well thought out.
“Good experiences with earlier deliveries, Dosetec project management and the high quality of Dosetec dosing systems were the most decisive criteria when choosing the supplier. Furthermore, Dosetec is familiar with our process as well as our needs. So the co-operation was easy to start again. Everything has gone according to the project plan. We have gained everything that we have wanted”, says Koskinen.

Dosetec’s advantage over its competitors was that Fazer already has two Dosetec dosing systems in the same factory in Lappeenranta. The dosing system and its machinery was already familiar to the system operators and maintenance personnel. “Naturally we received adequate training from Dosetec’s professionals in using this dosing system too. Dosetec has set in order some minor things that emerged during the process. They have carried out all the requested  enhancements in relation to work safety and hygiene, for example”, Koskinen adds, referring to ingredient dust, which is so often a nuisance in many industrial sectors.

Dosetec’s latest delivery included six big bag (FIBC) discharging stations with screw feeders, eight small component stations, two granulated sugar silos, two liquid sugar containers, six liquid sweetener pumps and five feeding hoppers for process scales.