Dosetec silolevel-technology

Silolevel-technology will automatize bakery´s bulk-material order process from mill. Communication platform between bakery and mill is a password protected website, which is  combatible with smart devices. Mill can monitor real-time information from individual silo. Bakery can send individual siloinformation such as material in each silo, orderlimit, silo in use/ out of use. Integration to Business […]

The much awaited IBA 2018 trade fair on September!

The baking industry’s number one event takes place in Munich on September 16th–21st, at the eve of the Oktoberfest. Professionals of the industry describe iba trade fair as one of the must-see occasions, which enables creating new contacts in international atmosphere and finding solutions to boost one’s business. Come and get to know how our […]

Dosing system modernised as product range expands

Dosetec Exact Oy modernised its dosing system at Weber’s factory in Kiikala.  The main objectives were to expand the dosing system, set up a new big bag filling line as well as update the control system. The project was praised especially for its customer-oriented design and good aftercare. Weber produces a wide array of construction […]

Renovating the dosing system in Sahalahti

Targeting to improve operational reliability and dust extraction. Dosetec Exact Oy renovated the old dosing system at the Sahalahti plant of Saarioinen. The most important goals were to improve the reliability of the dosing system and to develop dust extraction. The carefully planned project was completed on time and by making the plant even tidier […]

Dosetec dosing system for the production of liquorice filled sweets

Fazer investing in liquorice in Lappeenranta In recent years, Fazer has significantly renewed it liquorice line at the Lappeenranta plant. This has helped the company to develop the Fazer Liquorice product family, which has been influenced by the international liquorice trend. Dosetec delivered the extensive automatic dosing and weighing system for the manufacturing of the […]

Dosetec dosing system for Villähteen Leipä

Villähteen Leipä upgraded their automation level and invested into competitiveness Founded in 1958, Villähteen Leipä Oy has grown over the decades from a small home bakery into a significant supplier of frozen pastries. The operations of this family business, now run by a third generation, are firmly rooted in quality that is fostered even to […]

Jari Koskinen awarded as entrepreneur of the year

Dosetec Exact Oy´s chairman of the board Jari Koskinen is entrepreneur of the year 2016 in Nastola region. Award was handed to Mr. Koskinen during the award ceremony 15th of october in Sibeliustalo, Lahti. Entrepreneur of the year -award committee listed key elements of the selection: Long-lived company, good and stable financial situation, persistent developer […]

Goman Jæren renewed the dosing of liquids and control system

Norwegian Goman Bakeriet bakes in nine regions, having a unique combination of local bakery traditions and modern baking technology. Their distinctive recipes are ensured by the Dosetec control system. In recent years, the long-term partner Dosetec has helped the Goman Bakeriet’s various bakeries upgrade their baking technology. In the Jæren bakery in the south-west of […]

A big bag (FIBC) station for Fazer Mill & Mixes for a new oat mill

For over 40 years, Fazer Mill & Mixes has supplied high-quality flour and other grain products for the needs of the Fazer Group bakeries, later to other Finnish bakeries and the markets in Europe, Russia and Asia. So far, the grains of Fazer Mill & Mixes have consisted of wheat and rye. In the autumn […]